Our plans (who we are/what we do)

We supply veterinary practices with the means to create better client retention and client loyalty through health plan provisions.

We offer a simple monthly Direct Debit collection service for your clients; allowing you to get on with improving your clients pets health, whilst we do the rest.

Our plan development account managers will help at every step; from plan design, marketing, pricing and training your staff. We don’t believe in leaving you in the dark – which is why we offer a simplified approach to pet health plans, with continued support after launch and absolutely no set up costs.

What’s in it for you?

We believe that one of the biggest advantages of a health plan is client retention. Through extensive knowledge of the market, we know that many clients will purchase their pets preventative health care products through online pharmacies following their first visit to practice. With pet health plans, the client has the ease of paying for all of their preventative care products through a simple monthly cost, negating the desire to source the products elsewhere and completely removing the apprehension over the costs that many clients face when visiting the vets.

What’s in it for us?

With a health plan, we believe cost effectiveness is key; both for the client, and the practice.

This is why we don’t charge unnecessary upfront set up costs or charge the practice directly.

With MiHealthyPet, it’s simple; we offer our plans with zero set up costs to you, with only a small charge per client direct debit instruction, which is taken before we pay your practice your due monies. Our small charge is transparent and costed in to your plan – leaving you not only with a better return, but an improved client yield.