Has your health plan taken an unexpected turn?

September 11, 2020

Health plans have historically been quite a significant task to undertake – with time taken to consider the benefits, the products to include, the price points and having a suitable plan provider to partner up with. We have seen plans started and left on the shelf for years without progress – essentially, hours of your time invested in the planning but the execution didn’t come to fruition. Likewise, plans that have launched without proper support or training have seen similar outcomes.


Our offering, MiHealthyPet, has the benefit of experienced account managers helping you from the very start. We have the knowledge and pricing tools to ensure you plan is set up accurately – and our physical support at plan launch and ongoing makes all the difference. If you’re looking to set up a plan, have one already that needs a re-launch or you’re paying too much for the plan provision you currently have, then why not speak with us about it!