Client losses during plan switch now a thing of the past? Approved FM provider

January 9, 2021

One of the challenges with moving to a new health plan provider is the evident risk of clients not swapping over. Although this is a small risk in most cases, it is still one of the most prevalent challenges we hear a lot from practices wanting to change from their current provider to a new one – they fear the loss of clients.

Being an approved FM provider means that we can now request all client data from your current health plan provider – this includes all necessary Direct Debit information. This means that client loss concerns during a plan switch will be a thing of the past! If you’ve previously been attracted by our flexible scheme and low charges but have been put off by the risk – don’t delay any further!

We’re now offering free plan checks to calculate how much you could save a year from using MiHealthyPet as your plan provider – so speak with one of our account Managers today to get started.