Caught in the headlights over affordable rabbit preventative care? MiHealthyPet now includes rabbit scheme!

September 20, 2017

As part of our preventative care practice offering, we’ve seen huge uptake in our refreshing and affordable direct debit collection service from practices all over the UK!
Practices can really see the benefit of using our plan, whether they are new to running a health club in practice or those that have chosen to switch to us from other service providers.

We recognise that the demand for a cost effective offering for clients to spread their cost monthly extends past just canine and feline friends – which is why we now include rabbits in the MiHealthyPet scheme!
Whether you introduce the rabbits into your scheme is completely up to the practice – we do not fix you to these terms and allow you to customise your approach based on your client base and demand.


Don’t go hopping mad looking for a good health plan – speak with us today to find out more about MiHealthyPet!